Tax Lawyers

A tax attorney assists individuals and companies with preparing and filing their income tax returns with the federal, the State, and sometimes with a local government. A tax lawyer will also assist with determining tax liability, particularly for companies that have to pay various forms of taxes including payroll taxes, and may have to defend their clients against claims of unpaid tax by one of the respective governments.

What is a TAX Attorney?

Tax lawyers handle cases that deal with the taxing of an individual by the government. The IRS is responsible for enforcing the internal revenue laws, and a tax attorney should be called upon when dealing with the IRS. A tax lawyer will give a client legal advice for their dealings with the IRS. A good tax attorney has a vast knowledge of the internal revenue code, which makes up all federal tax laws.


Tax lawyers deal with a very touchy issue in the government, tax. Tax lawyers can give accurate legal advice about the tax laws if they are called upon for such information. Tax cases can be very serious matters when they involve big companies and corporations that deal with large sums of money. In such cases, a tax attorney should be present to sort through all of the bureaucracy that is involved in tax cases.