Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Just as doctors sometimes need medical care, there are times when a lawyer needs legal representation.  Malpractice is negligent professional conduct, and, if found guilty, a lawyer can be disbarred – stripped of his license to practice law.  So a legal malpractice attorney must not only be of unimpeachable integrity, but work to restore the professional reputation of his client, by understanding, and showing how, the lawyer he’s representing may have been merely mistaken, and not negligent or purposely sabotaging his own client.


A legal malpractice lawyer handles very serious situations involving a breach of duty by a lawyer, which results in damages to his or her client. Legal malpractice attorneys conduct themselves with care, skill and diligence during the legal proceedings. A legal malpractice attorney should be consulted if you feel that you have been a victim of legal malpractice.


A legal malpractice lawyer handles the legal side of cases in which an individual feels he or she is a victim of legal malpractice. Receiving a guilty verdict at trial, does not mean that there was legal malpractice at hand. In order to determine if you have a legal malpractice case, it’s best to contact a legal malpractice attorney to help you figure out whether or not you have a legitimate case.