Immigration Lawyers

Immigration law involves questions of whether an immigrant is in the United States of America by legal means, and the immigrant’s desire to avoid deportation. It can also involve attempts to overcome legal hurdles bringing people into the country.  An immigration lawyer will need to be familiar with not only his own country’s immigration laws, but the culture of the immigrant’s homeland, and will need to be not just a professional attorney but, on a small scale, and amateur diplomat.

What is an IMMIGRATION Attorney?

An immigration lawyer deals with matters related to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 as well as other regulations that deal with immigration. An immigration attorney also handles cases where a person from another country, is trying to migrate to a new one in the hopes of a better life. Immigration attorneys must have exceptional knowledge in their field of law in order to be successful.


An immigration lawyer handles all of the bureaucracy involved in immigration cases. An immigration attorney deals with all of the legal procedures that are involved in the process of an individual becoming a legalized citizen. Immigration attorneys can also help when a persons citizenship is being questioned by the courts. Even though it might be costly to hire an immigration lawyer, for legitimate legal advice an immigration attorney should be consulted.