Elder Care Lawyers

Elder care law is a subsection of family law covering the needs of senior citizens.  This may include planning for retirement, disability, long-term care and estates.  An elder care attorney will need to know about issues relating to people age 65 and over, such as Social Security, Medicare, and the operations of hospitals and nursing homes.


An elder care lawyer deals with issues that affect the growing population of aging seniors. The three main categories that elder care attorneys deal with are, estate planning and administration, including tax information; Medicaid, disability and other such long term care issues, and guardianship. Some elder care lawyers even cover some aspects of criminal law such as elder abuse, financial abuse, fraud and other consumer issues, nursing home neglect and nursing home impoverishment. If an elder in your family is in need of legal advice or representation, please contact an elder care attorney.


An elder care lawyer handles all of the legal aspects of laws pertaining to seniors. The census bureau says 26 states are said to double their senior population within the next 25 years. Therefore, elder care lawyers will handle more cases involving elder care law. Though it might seem costly to hire an elder care attorney, it is probably wise to let them handle the legal work.