Education Lawyers

Education law covers the rights and responsibilities of students, parents of students, schools, boards of education, and employees of schools and boards of education.  This includes institutions of higher learning such as colleges, universities and technical institutes.  It may also cover the publishing and copyright rights of college and university professors.  As lawyers will be graduates of law schools, they are familiar with institutions of higher learning, but will also need to be familiar with subjects like family law, copyright law, and civil rights.


An education lawyer deals mainly with schools, school systems, and school boards involved in a legal case. The states and local subdivisions are primarily responsible for operating the nations public school system. Many state constitutions make the public schools a responsibility of the state or local government. As such, education lawyers should be consulted in such complex legal matters.


An education lawyer handles the legal bureaucracy involved in education lawsuits. Education law has many facets that an education attorney can provide legal advice on. If you are involved in a case regarding education law, an education attorney should be consulted. Even though cost might drive an individual from contacting an education lawyer, it is wise to have an education attorney on your side in such complex legal matters.