Class Action Lawyers

Class Action Lawyers

A class action is a lawsuit filed on behalf of a group, or several groups, of people who have been affected by the actions alleged in the suit.  This allows most of the people affected to not be present during the activities connected to the suit, including the depositions and, if the case gets that far, the trial.  With the possibility of thousands of people being involved over a long period of time, a class action attorney will need patience and at least a basic understanding of the issues involved, including such things as medicine and interstate commerce.


A class action lawyer is an attorney that deals with a group of people that have been injured in the same way. A class action lawyer should have a full understanding of Rule 23 of the federal rules of civil procedure. A class action attorney can also be hired by a single person who has been harmed and be represented on behalf of everyone that was harmed in any way. A common case that class action lawyers see is that others that have been injured by the offending party, will get involved in the case as class members. A class action lawyer, if successful, can obtain compensation from the wrongdoers either through a settlement or by trial.


A class action lawyer should be hired to sort through the legal aspects of a class action lawsuit. If you are ever involved in a class action lawsuit, it is a good idea to have a class action attorney on your side representing you.