Marriage Infidelity – Gut Check Time

Let’s face facts, not all marriages should be saved.  Sometimes the two partners just aren’t compatible and just can’t make things work. At other times there are real issues such as marital infidelity, which can be virtually impossible to move past. Listen to your gut feeling If you or your spouse has been unfaithful but … Read more

When Divorce is The Only Option

Marriage isn’t always a fairytale ending When you got married, you were the loveliest woman on earth.  You looked like a dream and your future is to live happily ever after with your husband.  But no matter how hard you both try to save it, it just didn’t work out.  So you went your separate … Read more

Learn The Divorce Laws

Divorce – Messy and Difficult-  it’s true! You do not want to have a lawyer that never calls you or that never communicates with you. Before you hire a lawyer, you may want to look up some of your state’s divorce laws so that you have a better understanding of the situation. You need to … Read more

Divorce – What’s Next?

What happens after divorce? Divorce is a process that shatters people’s lives. However, this is not the end of life. This is just a beginning of a new chapter in your life wherein you need to face alone. However, you can seek divorce help from family and friends who are willing to help you move … Read more

Why Men Leave Their Wives

Reasons Why Men Leave Today’s women can find it difficult sometimes to keep their marriages alive and happy. Many women think about why men leave their wives and what they can do to make sure it doesn’t happen to them. The fact of the matter is that our society has made it very hard for … Read more

Being Beautiful is the Best Revenge Post-Divorce

How do you cope from a divorce? How do you deal after losing someone you love? How do you go on with your life without him? These are the many questions that probably linger on your mind post-divorce and there is only one answer: have a new outlook in life. Instead of whining and being … Read more

Coping Financially After Divorce

In a divorce, women are more often stressed thinking about their finances and how they could cope with the tragedy especially if there are children involved.  It may feel like the world is so unfair and nothing is going good.  This is all normal.  After all, men are known to be the ones mainly responsible … Read more

Rekindling Old Relationships After Divorce

Yes divorce is painful, REALLY painful! Are you going through a hard time recovering from a separation? Do you need divorce help?  Do you feel like it is better not to live than suffer this kind of pain? Yes, it ended, but I should Move Forward Many people who have just gone through the painful … Read more

How Do I Find A Good Divorce Lawyer?

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Recommendations Divorce is a trying and highly emotional time for the entire family. Women who are underemployed or stay-at-home moms now face uncertainty, and the loss of the income they once had with their spouse. One of the most common issues is that often women will turn to the family … Read more