Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorcing a Narcissist

Divorce is difficult enough without the added stress of an emotionally abusive spouse. Discover strategies to protect spouses and keep the children out of the middle. In the beginning, married life with a narcissist may seem relatively normal. After a few months or years, life can become chaotic and full of lies, with unpredictable rage. … Read more

Relationship Has Ended

Strategies to Make Sure Your Relationship Has Ended

A relationship has come to an end. There are children. Communication is needed. However, there is a difference between communication and control or abuse. Different Types of Communication Technology makes people accessible twenty-four seven. At any point in time an email or text message can be sent and if that does not produce an answer … Read more

When a Break Up Splits Your Social Circle

When a Break Up Splits Your Social Circle

This article looks at what happens when a couple breaks up and gives suggestions on how the couple and others around them can deal with the situation. It is always nice to see a group of couples socializing together – they share the same interests, enjoy each other’s company, and spend precious time together. What … Read more

Are You Prepared for Divorce

Are You Prepared for Divorce?

Short of a settlement, divorce litigation is replete with pitfalls that are frequently unavoidable. If the end of a marriage relationship is emotional for the parties, divorce litigation is similarly emotional. But there is more to it than that. The emotional element on the part of the litigants is to be expected and both the … Read more

Divorce Hotel

Couples Check Into Divorce Hotel Married, Leave Single

The Divorce Hotel offers couples a quick, expert, inexpensive, and efficient means to end their marriage while staying at a five-star hotel in the meantime. Divorce Hotel is not actually a bricks-and-mortar building but a concept launched by general manager Jim Halfens on Valentine’s Day in 2011. The service is based at the moment solely … Read more

What I Learned From A Mistress

“She’s a sweet girl…” my friend assured me. “OK…” I walked next to her heading to this upscale restaurant/bar inside a wine shop last Saturday night to meet up with this new girl alongside my other friends. Surely, I’m glad I’ve been ‘warned’ about this new girl. “She’s a Mistress.” If one word could freeze … Read more

Divorce Impact on Life Insurance Needs

It’s important to consider your life insurance needs prior to the divorce so that you can include appropriate provisions into your settlement. If you pass while married, in most states, the property passes to the spouse who then presumably passes property along to their children.  Divorce makes these decisions and inheritance paths more complicated and … Read more

Divorce, Debt and Credit Accounts

Most people understand the importance of good credit in starting a new, independent life after a divorce.  Unfortunately, many people find that their credit is damaged due to circumstances that occurred during the marriage.  In addition to repairing damaged credit and building good credit (topics for future articles), cleaning up your accounts is a place to … Read more

Protection in Divorce Against Asset and Income Hiding

Your and your spouse’s income and asset information are needed when structuring the key divorce settlement issues:  property split and any alimony or child support calculations.  If you suspect that your spouse is hiding income or assets, or if you think he/she has the potential to do so, you will gain some protection by having the … Read more

Financial Impact of a Properly Structured Alimony Agreement

Over the years, we have seen cases in which separation or divorce instruments violate the requirements for structuring alimony payments correctly.  These situations often produce a negative financial impact for the individual that is paying the alimony and can lead to additional lawsuits and ill feelings.  In order to avoid this potential mess, it is … Read more